Sep 302009

The jerky, slow loading videos you’re trying to smoothly stream on YouTube aren’t only failing on your computer. Over the past 24 hours I’ve seen an increasing number of YouTube Lag complaints showing up in tweets, live commentary on ustream and other blogs. My YouTube experience has been less than stellar for the past several weeks. I’ve even Googled it a few times initially to make sure it wasn’t just a problem with my ISP.

Is this some sick joke Google is pulling on us? Where they place tons of new ads on, in, and around videos, then drop the quality of service through the floor? Is the $1.5M per day YouTube has been losing for the past year finally starting to put a dent in the cash chest?

Are you experiencing slowdowns with YouTube? Do you think this is a temporary problem or the start of the YouTube bubble burst?

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  6 Responses to “The YouTube Lag Problem”

  1. Glad I’m not the only one. It has been driving me up the wall. I’ve been experiencing lag for the past 3 weeks. Sometimes refreshing the video solves the problem. It’s not ideal and would love to know what the problem is.

  2. Yeah, I’ve got awful youtube lag, but then again, my internet f*cking sucks!!

  3. You are overreacting. They are not able to get their shit right but they wouldn’t do that on purpose.

  4. You tube has been bloody awful this last week. It may be that so many people are on vacay, coz of the holidays. Let’s see if it’s still the same around January, 5th when everyone should be back at school/work again…

  5. I’ve been noticing the same problem lately, ever since they changed the youtube player layout, through an ad right in on the videos which you have to close on every video to see the bottom of the screen and then they added the ads to the right of the page, most of which eat up excessive amounts of cpu because whoever may it don’t know how to use flash player and codes right. The lag is terrible. I thought it was just my computer at first, but then I noticed it wasn’t just on my computer but others as well, plus my computer gets 2gb ram, so it shouldn’t have no problem. I’m quite annoyed with this. Ever since youtube sold out to Google, it’s just been more bullsh*t on top of more bullsh*t. I understand ads to help earn revenue… But this is just ridicoulous. There is an ad at the bottom of the screen. One to the right, and then commercial ads every 2 or 3 videos… Heck, might as well just call it Adtube.

  6. youtube really lags my computer. And my computer aint slow. Whenever I have youtube open, It slows EVERYTHING down. Way to go google..

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