Sep 112013

If I’ve worked with you over the past several years chances are it was on something related to marketing online dating brands. Online dating has been a huge driver for the social marketing division of FireCyde, where we’ve focused time managing those ads for over 3 years.

Right now we’re seeing the lowest prices ever for desktop and mobile traffic acquisition via the self serve ad platform.

FireCyde is testing as many online dating offers as possible, buried up to our necks in traffic inventory. If you’d like to purchase traffic for your dating site or a product targeted to single adults please contact us asap.

How Cheap?
We’re seeing prices average between $0.10 and $0.25 for ads targeted to singles, a large demographic producing substantial volume on a consistent basis. This same traffic costs 3-4x more just 6 months ago.

Why So Cheap?
As the affiliate marketing complex disintegrated in 2012, dating websites took a huge hit – a key value point of online dating is monetizing the information people are willing to disclose to find their match – without offers to monetize this data the value of new members began to plummet and most dating sites were forced to reduce the payout for affiliates. Lower payouts resulted in lower bids from affiliates at ad auctions and self serve networks.

The Turn
Weakness in the industry allowed for some much needed consolidation. As ad prices are bottoming out we’re starting to see some large scale buys from some of largest companies in the space.

Many companies went back to the drawing board and were forced to develop new features and real value propositions to monetize their existing member base. Small fees for small features add up fast at scale.

This flight to quality across the online dating industry is resulting in a better user experience for members. The drive for quality and value-add premium features will create new opportunities to monetize traffic for marketers. Less competition and inexpensive ad space should allow companies to test and optimize their dating services much faster.

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Oct 012012
Seamus James Launches

Worried you won’t be able to vote because you don’t have a way to get to the polls? Will you be driving to the polls with 3 empty seats in your car? Seamus James has recently launched his newest project,, that allows anyone to register online and receive or offer a free ride to […]

Sep 262012
Mass Unfollow Stale Twitter Accounts Like A Boss

Are you following a bunch of inactive Twitter accounts? Using some Twitter Analytics tools I noticed Around 20% of the people I followed had not tweeted for over 500 days. I went searching for a tool to remove all these accounts and thankfully I found a great one. You can easily mass unfollow stale accounts […]

Sep 252012
The Bing Promoted Tweets Disaster

Bing is heavily pushing it’s “Bing It On Challenge” YouTube video with promoted tweets on Twitter. The video shows people in Seattle supposedly searching Bing and Google side by side in a blind comparison to determine which search engine delivers the best results. I say “supposedly” because the video never actually shows any search result […]

Sep 192012
Twitter Branding Gets Easier

Twitter now allows users to add a custom header image to their profiles. The header image creates substantial new real estate for businesses to gain exposure for social media campaigns and general branding – they look great too. Once you upload your header image your entire profile will be updated to the new Twitter design. […]

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Sep 122012
TechCrunch Disrupt Conference 2012 Review

The TechCrunch Disrupt Conference 2012 has concludes with YourMechanic taking home the sacred TechCrunch Cup. Watching Tech Crunch’s Disrupt Conference live video stream each year is always entertaining and insightful. It’s also full of moments where you race to mute the presenter or the “between presenter” backstage and on the floor. Watching all these various […]

Sep 122012
Hackers Target and

Hackers are targeting and WHMCS. As I write this post both sites are unavailable. If you’ve needed anything from Cpanel or WHMCS over the past hour you’ve probably also received the dreaded failed to connect error message. These attacks come just days after the massive GoDaddy downtime blitz they now say was the result […]

Sep 112012
Remove Facebook Ads

Ask any Facebook user about Facebook Ads – they only want one thing – less of them. In an attempt to boost revenue and appease Wall Street, Facebook has been rolling out a ton of announcements over the past few weeks about additional ad placement on user pages, search results and third party sites – […]

Aug 042012
What Are Promoted Tweets?

Twitter Ads can put your tweets in front of users you want to specifically target, based on geography and time of day both on desktop and mobile devices. Promoted Tweets allow you to set a budget and bid per click on the URL contained in your tweet from those targeted users. Cost per click (CPC) […]

Jun 162012
Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Guy Kawasaki At Apple

Let Guy Kawasaki motivate and inspire you (seriously) with these 11 lessons he learned from Steve Jobs while working at Apple. This was an impromptu speech Guy presented immediately following Steve Job’s Death. Although the entire video lasts in excess of 40 minutes, the speech wraps up in about 28 minutes – followed by Q&A. […]